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Welcome to The MasterofPWNage Community!

Welcome PWNERS! This is the only place where PWNage is as pure as our desire to perform our best, and our kill to death ratios are as clean as the match grade ammo our sniper rifles use. I am the MasterofPWNage and this is our community site. This all started with a simple desire to record my Halo matches to review after the games in order to increase my performance. One day instead of recording I decided to stream on YouTube all the way back in November of 2014. That was before YouTube Gaming was even an idea in Googles Genius's.

Soon after that the few people that discovered my YouTube content recommended I start doing my livestream on Twitch, and that was the beginning of our long journy! The stream evolved from a place for me to show off my Sweet Halo K/Da Ratios and instead become a place where we can all hang out and just have a good time playing games and discussing real world topics with like minded individuals. A place where its okay to have a different opinion and not be ridiculed (Unless you think the earth is flat, or Buzz Aldrin confirmed aliens).

I am a daily streamer, but I am not the only person responsible for what has been created here, this is a community and a community is not started or completed with a single person. This stream is bigger than me. This stream is bigger than you alone. This stream is everyone's that is a part of this community, so stop on by nightly and be a part of something that is bigger than you or myself. Become a part of the PWNage Army.

Live Streaming Nightly here and uploading the best stuff to Our Youtube Channel. You can even watch the stream live from here! If I am not streaming someone from my community is being hosted so feel free to follow anyone from the PWNage Army that may be live at your time of visiting!

Never forget to stay cool, keep calm, and PWN ON!

© Copyright 2018. Developed by MasterofPWNage. All Rights Reserved.

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